Celery broth mushroom raw soup

Celery broth mushroom raw soup

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Here’s a super easy, delicious raw soup.


1.5 cups homemade almond milk
Himalayan salt
green onions

1. In the juicer, juice 1.5 cups of celery and parsley.  This will be the base of your broth.

2. Add juice and almond milk in the blender with about three or four green onions and a handful of any mushroom of choice. Blend.

3. Dice up half an avocado, chop up some green onion and thaw a small handful of peas and corn.

5. Pour broth in bowls and add veggies.

So delicious.



About Charla

I am a journalist, photographer and mother to a pretty awesome four-year-old. I work for a newspaper during the day and my kid at night. I have been interested in raw food for more than two years. Sometimes I am 100 per cent raw and others I am not. Lately I've been between about 90 per cent. I have lost more than 100 pounds and would love to share the information I have learned along the way.

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