It’s been a long journey


I never really imagined I could be a person posting a before and after photo. In all honesty this isn’t an after photo, it’s just a now photo.

I have more work to do and more goals to reach.

The first photo was taken about 2.5 years ago. I’ve learned a lot over this time and gained more knowledge than weight lost.

I started my journey on a raw vegan diet. I am no longer raw vegan, but still eat a lot of raw vegan dishes. I’ve learned I am sensitive to most grains and allergic to wheat.

I eat whole foods, try to buy my meat from a farmer and love fermenting all sorts of things.

I have spent the past two years working with my naturopthic doctor Dr. Kyle Morrison and CrossFit coach Dave Warbeck both with Back to Back Chiropractic Clinic. I owe a lot to these two men who have really helped me.

I love powerlifting, hiking and surprising enough to me, I’ve found a love of running.

If you have any questions I’d love to answer them.